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The Full Story


PH FARMA PHARMACEUTICAL AND COSMETIC INDUSTRY started its journey in 1993 with the production of 11 different products and today it is the manufacturer of over 1200 products.

Founded in Istanbul in 1993, PH FARMA Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry is now the producer of 1200 different products. Our success in our business, which is human-centric and focused on humanity, is also related to the knowledge we have gained since 1993, along with the research and development activities we have carried out.

As the PH FARMA team, while we work on products that will make people's lives easier and create added value in their lives every day, we all believe that the world can be changed by contributing to the success and thus the happiness of people. With its own brands, PH FARMA continues its activities as a producer in "Private Label" (Contract Manufacturing) for many established companies in Turkey and worldwide, complying with GMP and ISO 9001 standards, in the following areas:

With the experiences brought by twenty years of knowledge, PH FARMA continues to develop, produce, and offer new products that will contribute to our growth and create added value in people's lives.


Our Expertise

PH FARMA's expertise is not only in high-standard production. With the professional knowledge gained in the twenty years in the industry, its primary expertise lies in accurately defining customer expectations and meeting these expectations to the highest level. This expertise does not come from theoretical information that can be learned from books or taught in schools. It is the result of years of work, the sincere and open connection established with our customers, and an innovative approach.

At PH FARMA, we base our expertise on four main principles:

  1. Understanding the customer correctly

  2. Adopting an innovative and up-to-date approach in every situation

  3. Keeping our database on raw materials and production processes up-to-date and in line with international standards

  4. Working with expert engineers and R&D personnel who have proven their expertise through their work.

All these four main principles form the basic strategy for the success of PH FARMA. This is why PH FARMA today not only makes people's tasks easier at home and in the workplace but also ensures that they enjoy what they do.

Our Policy

To offer innovative, results-oriented, healthy, and environmentally friendly products in the light of current and scientific solutions.

Exceeding the expectations of our business partners is our top priority among our goals.

We aim to be a symbol of reliability, continuity, and respect with the work we have done and the successes we have achieved in our sector in Turkey and around the world.

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