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Why Choose Private Labeling for Your Cosmetics?

Developing a new cosmetic product can be time-consuming and costly. With PH FARMA as your private label manufacturer, you can streamline the process and enter the market swiftly. Benefit from our 30 years of industry expertise, extensive ingredient library, and commitment to excellence.

Ready to enhance your cosmetic brand? Let's collaborate today.

Discover Your Ideal Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturer

A private label cosmetic manufacturer specializes in crafting generic and/or customized cosmetic products to be marketed under the branding of a third-party retailer, such as PH FARMA. These manufacturers offer customization options that allow retailers to create unique products tailored to their brand and target market.


In the realm of private label cosmetics, agreements between the retailer and manufacturer involve the retailer communicating specific customizations they desire, whether it's tweaking existing formulas or creating entirely new ones. The manufacturing machinery is already established, streamlining production processes and offering the flexibility of lower minimum order quantities while accommodating personalization of product features.


The retailer's branding takes center stage on the finished cosmetic products and their packaging. This efficient and collaborative process facilitates a swift entry into PH FARMA's desired market, ensuring products meet the retailer's standards and resonate with their customer base.

Contract Product - Manufacturing Stages

Since 1993, PH Farma, with over 28 years of knowledge and experience, has been alongside its business partners in the production of over 1200 products in 19 categories.

Everything begins with gathering detailed information about the products desired by our business partners.

The journey of the product starts after the first meeting, where information such as the product's category, purpose of use, active ingredients, packaging selection, and design thoughts are compiled.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise ensure that we stand by our business partners throughout this process.



Since 1993, PH Farma has been standing by its business partners with a 28-year accumulation of knowledge and experience, producing over 1200 products in 19 categories.

Everything begins with obtaining detailed information about the products our business partners desire.

The journey of the product commences after the first meeting where information such as the product's category, purpose of use, active ingredients, packaging selection, and design thoughts are compiled.



After the introductory meeting, a roadmap for the project is outlined based on the information received from our business partner.

While product formulation is being designed and samples are being worked on in the R&D department, preparations for the product file are made on the other side. Information regarding product notifications, tests, production schedules, and other relevant procedures finds its place in the preparation file. Additionally, the design team prepares for the next meeting based on the information received.

PH Farma aims to satisfy its business partners by providing products and services of universal quality and standards.

Exceeding the expectations of our business partners has been our top priority from the very beginning.


R&D Research and Development

In the R&D of PH Farma, products are developed based on the principle of 'Special Problems, Special Solutions.'

Every developed product is an expert in its field, and each has a unique story.

While designing products in R&D, our priorities include offering innovative, results-oriented, healthy, and environmentally friendly products in the light of scientific solutions.

No project without innovation is realized at PH Farma!




Together with our business partners, the most suitable packaging is selected for the product, and suitability tests are conducted.

Bottle: Glass, PE, PP, PET, Airless

Cap: Screw, Fliptop, Snap-on, Cap

Tube: PE, PP, Laminated

Jar: Glass, Acrylic, PE, PP, and others

Dosage Pump: Perfume, Gel, Foam, Cream

Label, Box, Carton: OPP, Coated, American Bristol, Kraft, Fantasy, Sleeve

Printing: CMYK, Pantone, Foil, Hot Stamping, Cold Stamping, Wrapping, Varnish, Spot Varnish, Embossing, Silk Screen, Pad Printing





PH Farma's in-house professional Graphic Design department provides its business partners with top-notch solutions, leveraging its experience in designing over a thousand products and successful projects.

PH Farma's meticulousness in product development begins from the earliest stages and continues with the same precision until the product is completed.

The tests we conduct for products are crucial tools in ensuring the safe and reliable development of a product, as well as its safe use by consumers after being released to the market. These tests play a vital role in maintaining brand reliability and ensuring user satisfaction until the completion of product usage.

Finished Product Tests and Control

  • Product Microbiology Test

  • Preservative Efficacy Test (Challenge Test)

  • Product Stability Test

  • Product Stress Test

  • Dermatological Tests

  • Free Tests (Aluminum, Paraben, Ammonia, Resorcinol, PPD, etc.)



PH Farma provides services to its business partners in accordance with GMP standards and conducts manufacturing.

What is GMP?

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) is a set of rules that must be followed for a product to be effective and safe from raw materials and packaging materials to reaching the end-user. The goal of GMP is zero defects, with the aim of ensuring continuous quality.

GMP encompasses general guidelines related to Quality Management, Personnel, Facilities and Equipment, Documentation, Production, Quality Control, Contract Manufacturing, Complaints, Product Recall, and Internal Audits. Due to this comprehensive set of practices, GMP ensures the continuity of quality in the products manufactured.

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