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Contract Manifacturing

With years of experience in the production field, we are well aware of the entire process, what needs to be done, and the necessity for production to take place at the highest standards. Reflecting our expertise, we hold numerous international quality certificates.

Understanding our customers accurately, adopting an innovative and up-to-date approach in every situation, and concluding with high satisfaction through collaborative ideas, we utilize our database on raw materials and production processes to ensure our customers achieve the best results.

With our extensive history, we manufacture high-quality products for both our own brands and global brands.

Parallel Lines

Which sectors does PH Farma conduct Contract Manufacturing in?

Pharmaceutical Companies

Cosmetic Companies

Hotel Groups

Promotional Companies

Network Marketing Companies

What is Contract Manufacturing?

In its simplest definition, contract manufacturing is an agreement between two companies where one company places an order, and the other company produces the goods according to that order.

Contract manufacturing is a process that occurs according to a specific plan. You can learn about the detailed stages of Contract Manufacturing (Private Production) on our page dedicated to the stages of Private Label Production.

What are the Advantages of Contract Manufacturing?

  • You don't have to monitor production processes.

  • You are not required to handle applications and follow-ups for official permissions and tests.

  • A company that wants to sell products through contract manufacturing does not have to own any production facilities.

  • A company wishing to sell products does not need to have any production experience.

  • Considering that production and R&D are complex processes, all these processes will be managed by the manufacturing company, and the contracting company will stay away from the complexity of these processes.

  • The parties involved can focus on their areas of expertise and create a collaborative working environment.

  • A company looking to contract manufacturing will not have to communicate with the suppliers necessary for production.

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